Activities terminated

We herewith inform you that van gestel agenturen terminated its activities as of March 29, 2024. After 24 years of full dedication, we are ready for a new challenge that enables a better work/life balance. Please contact the correct new contact person below:

Your new contact person for: APLIX S.A (Technical hook and loop tape)

Mr. Gaëtan Devienne
T: +33 685 59 28 59.

Your new contact person for C.F. Weber (technical fabrics) and Frati Textiles (fleece and softshell):

Mr. Ed van der Zee BV
T: +32 50 60 25 04

Your new contact person for Green Side (isolation and technical fabrics):

Mr. Konrad Kosk
T: +48 726 720 007.

Your new contact person for Monitex (for (elastic) tape, cord, and smaller orders Aplix hook-and loop):

Mrs. Monique Moran
T: +31 6 51 24 45 90

Your new contact person for Vetex (seam seal tape):

Mr. Rik Naudts
T: +32 51 61 02 83

Thank you!
Team van gestel agenturen